South Korea

I cannot say enough good things about Korea.  From the food to the sites to the prices, Korea is heaven for food lovers. For me, Korea is right up there with Italy in best places to eat in the world.


I found food paradise…and here is where you can too…

Amazing Rest Stop (food) of Korea

KFC – Korean Fried Chicken


Hansik Gonggan (traditional Korean food with a Michelin Star)

Street Food Seoul – Myeongdong

Sooni’s Store – What you will love about eating in Korea

Balwoo Gongyang – Vegan Temple Food with a Michelin Star

BBQ Duck Place you may never find

Woorahman – Upscale BBQ


Eat (world’s best ice cream), see, do, stay

Seongmidang – Bibimbap in Jeonju – The Birthplace of Bibimbap


Hansanggeun – Bamboo Rice  (bbq)


12 Things to Do and See in Busan

Street food (and other cheap, fast, delicious)

Eonyang Bulgogi (bbq)


Breathtaking Green Tea Fields

Jeju Island

Gozip Dol Wooluck (…and the amazing women divers of Jeju)

Famous BBQ Black Pork of Jeju

Le Chinois – Good XLB 



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