Breathtaking Green Tea Fields of Boseong

Boseong is about 2 hours south of Jeonju.   The green tea fields were one of the most beautiful things I saw in Korea.  I would highly recommend you put this on your list of places to visit in South Korea.




You can hike up the mountain where the fields are and enjoy this spectacular view.


…we took the back way down the mountain and went for an even longer hike.  This is not necessary if you want to just see the fields.

After you see the fields, make sure you visit the cafes and stores.  We ordered a green tea latte (best I’ve ever had), green tea ice cream (very good) and green tea churro.  You can also buy some tea leaves and other products to take home (we tried the green tea chocolate chip cookie which was not very good):


This is a map/brochure of the place we visited.



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