Hong Kong

December 14-18, 2019 – Here are some places I ate on this trip to HK

Yung Kee – Known for their roast goose, I felt that this place was overrated.  Last time I was in HK, I had roast goose at a hole in the wall place, and I don’t remember the name.  It was amazing.  I was expecting the same here but that was not the case.  It was good, but not mind blowing.  The place is BUSY.  Upon arrival, there were tons of people waiting but I was seated right away because I made a reservation in advance.  You can do this from their website.  Service was good, and I had the roast goose, Chinese sausage (2 kinds including blood sausage), and century egg.  7/10.  I would not go back here.

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Tin Lung Heen – This is a 2 Michelin star restaurant in the Ritz Carlton hotel, 102 floor!  First off, the place is beautiful.  You are here for the view and surroundings.  The food was good, but not 2 Michelin star good.  The service is outstanding.  I had the Michelin tasting menu with wine pairings.  The wines were outstanding.  Stand out dishes were the sauteed lobster and the broth from the fish course. The table I was seated at was a window table with a great view.  Definitely request this when making a reservation.  8/10


The lobster was so sweet and fragrant from the ginger

Dim Sum Library – This restaurant was conveniently located in the mall the hotel I was staying at was in (JW Marriott).  One nice thing is that they are on Opentable.  I hate waiting in line for anything, even great food.  The decor is very nice, almost modern speakeasy like.  The dim sum is very good.   Its not traditional, but its not fusion either.  It is more like a sophisticated take on classic dim sum.  Here are some of the dished I ate:  dan dan xiao long bao, black tuffle har gau, Hokkaido crab and uni spring roll, bbq pork buns, deep fried taro puff with foie gras, and egg custard.  Everything was delicious.  I would go back here 9/10.

unit on spring rolls
dan dan xiao long bao, bbq pork buns, truffle har gao, and something which I have no idea that I ordered!

Duck Victoria – In the Harbour City mall, I stumbled upon this place randomly from a sign they posted in the mall.  Its a new place.  Upon arrival, there was a wait.  You enter the number in your party on an ipad, take a ticket and they call you electronically.  The wait was about 10 minutes.   I ordered xiao long bao and of course, Peking Duck.  The soup dumplings were delicious, perfect thin skin, lots of soup.  The Peking duck took forever, but was worth the wait.   Probably the second best Peking duck I’ve ever had (the first being Imperial Treasure Peking Duck in Singapore).  8.5/10

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Yan Toh Heen – Located in the Intercontinental Hotel, the restaurant has an amazing view of the HK skyline.  Definitely request this when making a reservation.  Also, there is a bar in the lobby where you can watch the light show, which is at 8PM nightly I believe.  We only pre-ordered the Peking Duck so I cannot really comment on their other food.  The duck was good, carved tableside.  I would probably go back here.



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