Street Food – Seoul – Myeongdong

There are three great places to eat in Korea – restaurants of course, street food, and in the food halls in the basement of large department stores.  The last is my favorite and is truly food heaven.  Another post on that later, but for now, this is what I ate in one of Seoul’s street food areas in Myeongdong.  There are so many stalls selling so many delicious looking things, and its too bad I could not try everything!



These are not street food related, but if you go to Korea, you should try the Korean bottled beverages.  The first is a corn based drink and I believe the second one is a barley based drink.  According to one of our guides, there is no sugar added, but there was no English on the labels so I was unable to verify.  They do not taste sweet.  They have just a hint of corn or barley flavor, and they are a delicious alternative to water.



The bun in the first pic was a red bean bun and I got it from this place:


It was beside Sonni’s Store.

Bread with egg



Fried chicken

Koreans love fried chicken.  The one below was a honey chili sauce with some rice cakes.  I will post more about Korean Fried chicken later.


Deep fried rice cake and sausages



As you can see, I was only able to eat a limited amount of street food in Seoul, but I more than made up for it by eating a ton of street food in other Korean cities and food halls…more to come…


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