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Tuppul Deungshim – More BBQ

Tuppul Deungshim is a bbq restaurant which features Hanwoo Korean Beef.  Note that the name in English is “Two Plus”.  There are a few locations and we had a lot of trouble finding this particular one.  We had to ask 5 different people who worked at various restaurants in the complex where the restaurant was located in.  Part of the problem is that the names of places are usually only in Korean characters.  We were looking for the Korean name in western alphabet, and on top of that, some know it by the English name!  Here is the menu:


We had the aged tenderloin and marinated sliced striploin.  I could not taste the aging on the beef.  Also, the marinade was not as strong as I am used to.  A local friend told me that this is because Korean BBQ in North America tends to use inferior cuts of beef AND the marinade is adjusted for Western palates (more seasoning, sweetness etc).  They refer to this as “LA galbi”.


As with all good Korean BBQ restaurants, real charcoal was used as opposed to gas, and the meal came with a lot of sides.



Some places in Korea will cook the beef for you, at this place, you cook it yourself.


Also, as is common in Korea, knives are not used and you cut up the beef with scissors.

Overall, the service was good and the food was good.  It was not the best bbq we had in Korea but it was still very good.  8/10

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