The best duck BBQ in Korea you may never find

One of the problems we had travelling in South Korea was the lack of detailed Google maps.  Also, many places had no English signs.  The subject of this post is one such place.  Luckily, our driver/guide that day took us for lunch where we had the most incredible BBQ duck, but all I can give you to help you find it is this sign:


…and the information from the photo showing where it was taken:


Hopefully, you can show the above to a local person and they can help you.  The place is towards the DMZ.

Anyway, upon arrival, I noticed the greenhouses where the restaurant was growing their own cabbage, and then the pots where they would let it ferment with other ingredients to make kimchi.


Then there were these racks of dried and/or fermented soy bean paste.  I knew the place would be good.


As with many traditional Korean places, you have to remove your shoes upon entering.  Do not worry though, they have slippers to use the bathroom (speaking of restrooms in Korea, you should bring your own hand sanitizer as many public bathrooms have a communal bar soap which is seems very unhygienic).  Inside, this is the counter.


…and our table with all the banchan (side dishes) and grill ready to go….


The place specializes in duck and chicken bbq.  The duck was incredibly good.   To me, it tasted exactly like foie gras.  I have never tasted duck like this before.


All the sides were delicious too.  Especially this sauce.  Despite asking numerous people, I still do not know exactly what it was.


…and the kinchi was so delicious.  You do not get fresher than freshly sliced!



Dessert was the only downfall which consisted of rice in a barely like broth.  It was very bland.  I did not care, Korean meals do not usually have a dessert component anyway as far as I could tell, and this was provided with the meal.


I highly recommend this place and would go back.  If I can find it! I have had Korean bbq many times, but never duck.  It was a good and unique experience.  9/10

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