Seongmidang – Bibimbap in Jeonju – The Birthplace of Bibimbap

One of the things I was most excited about was trying Bibimbap in its birthplace – Jeonju, South Korea.  Many consider this to be the “food capital” of Korea.

The word means mixed rice, and is basically a bowl of rice with vegetables and meat, which you mix together before eating.  Apparently, as with all good food of today, the dish had its origins with common folk who would throw left over vegetables into a dish with rice, mix it and eat.

We tried the dish at Seongmidang, but there are many places to get it in Jeonju.  We ordered one with raw beef, and the other with ground beef.  Here is the exterior and interior of the place.



The dish was served with a ton of delicious banchan.


…and a close up of the star…


I mixed in some gochujang and enjoyed.  It was delicious.  Highly recommended.  9/10

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