The wagyu of pork?

One of the foods Jeju is known for is its black pork.  Some call it the wagyu of pork.  I knew I had to try it.  We found this place that specializes in bbq pork.  I do not know the English name, but here is the owner’s card and map on back of the card.



Like any good Korean meal, we were brought banchan right away:


…and this fluffy egg bowl…


The egg was the star of the meal.  It was like eating egg clouds.  Extremely fluffy and flavorful.  As for the pork:



It was very good, but not like any other pork I have had in the past.  I could not tell the difference.  When I eat Wagyu, I know its Wagyu from the soft, melt-in-your-mouth beef and extreme marbling.  Eating this pork, did not bring the same kind of experience.

Overall, the service was very good and efficient (they cook for you).  The food was delicious, but I think the pork was over hyped.  Maybe we went to the wrong place or had the wrong preparation of it.  Let me know.  I think if you are in Jeju, or anywhere for that matter, you should always try the local specialty.  In Jeju, that means the pork.  However, be prepared to be blown away by the egg instead!

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