Beest Soupless Roast Beef Ramen

Beest is a soupless ramen restaurant located in Vancouver, BC, although they also have a soup ramen version. Usually, ramen is chicken or pork based so I found their use of roast beef interesting. Here is the menu:

One cool thing about the place is that you can join their rewards program easily, and the benefits start right away:

For today’s lunch, I got the shoyu, with kimchi and an egg. They also gave me 200g of noodles for joining the reward program (instead of 150g). Once you order, they will bring you a bowl of beef broth.

The broth was flavorful but delicate. Next, here was the actual dish.

…and the noodles under the beef:

My notes:

  1. The portion of kimchi is very tiny as an add on. Probably less than 1OZ.
  2. The sauce is under everything and you need to mix everything before eating. The sauce and the noodles are flavorful. You can also add some chili oil, vinegar, black pepper, and more fried garlic with the condiments on the table.
  3. The beef is cooked properly, but needs more flavor/seasoning

Overall, I enjoyed my lunch. At the end, the brought the free ice cream that comes as a benefit for joining the rewards program: This was good too, not too sweet.

Although the beef was not flavorful, everything as a whole was still enjoyable. Service was good. I would go back to try their other dishes even though this was not the best soupless ramen I’ve had; the best soupless ramen I’ve had in Vancouver was at Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba.

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