Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

Visit date: November 10, 2018

“Soupless Ramen” – at first you may be tempted to try their traditional ramen. Don’t do it. The thought crossed my mind, but then why are you here? I ordered their best seller – Niku – and added gyoza. The mazesoba was very delicious. So much umami. Add a bit of vinegar for balance. At the end there was a lot of sauce left and they offer to bring you a free scoop of rice to mix in when all the noodles are gone. You should do it. Its delicious. The gyoza was average. 9/10


Hokkaido Creme Cup – the dessert was equally delicious. It was not too sweet with subtle flavors. The butter cookie cone was fantastic 8/10.


Overall, I will be coming back. I observed that it does get very busy so I suggest you go early, around opening time.

Service is typical for a place like this – fairly fast.

Good for lunch.


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