The Holy Trinity – This is why you should eat at Major Tom in Calgary

Major Tom in Calgary is the kind of restaurant I have difficulty finding. To me, the perfect restaurant is one with amazing food obviously, a nice view, and a great scene (and good service but adding this fourth category would mess up the title of this post). Major Tom ticks all these boxes. Usually, a nice view means you will sacrifice good food. Not here. First, when you walk in, the scene, scenery, and view are impressive.

Next, the food. We started with the crudo, Caesar salad and a pasta.

Next, you can’t come to Alberta and not have the beef. We also had a roast chicken.

Then finished with dessert.

Overall, everything was delicious and the service was VERY good. I would definitely come back and recommend this place. If you are on a date, try to get a table by the window. Thank me later.

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