Terafina – beautiful, disaster, recovery…

Terafina is a “Tuscan” restaurant at the Hester Creek winery in Oliver, BC. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by an Italian style home with beautiful patio and plants. We were shown to a nice table on the patio. Here was the menu that evening.

We started with a pizza/flatbread that was the daily special and not on the menu.

…and then I had the elk as a main, and my wife had the pork. I found it odd that our server did not ask how we wanted the meat prepared, but I was hopeful that meant the kitchen had a strong opinion about how it should be cooked. When the meals arrived, both were well done and extremely dry!

When the server came by to check in on us, I informed her about the overcooked meat and she offered to bring out a new one medium rare. Now, as as rule, I will never send food back to the kitchen, but in this case, the meat was so overcooked that it was to the point that eating it would of provided zero enjoyment so I agreed. After a long while, they brought out a new dish and this one WAS prepared perfectly and was delicious.

We also had some dessert to finish.

Overall, service was good, and the food was good when done right. I would not go back myself, but I would also not discourage anyone from trying the restaurant. The setting is beautiful, and they can cook when done right. As we left, the place was lit nicely.

I should also add that to make up for the poorly cooked first dish, they removed it from my bill which was a nice gesture.

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