I will save you a few dollars at Sofia Mexican in Osoyoos

When I Googled places to eat in Osoyoos, I was pleasantly surprised to find a handful of highly rated Mexican places. This is one of the great benefits of immigration, a diverse food scene! I decided to try Sofia Mexican food, which operates out of a mobile structure beside the Night Bird Estate Winery.

Right away, service was not good. They served the people in front of me, then shut the window and just asked everyone in line to wait. Once the window re-opened, I ordered one each of beef, chicken and pork. The food took a long time to come out, and was definitely not worth the wait.

First, the tacos lacked condiments. No hot sauce, so salsa, no pico de gallo! Next, the flavors were lacking and the meat was dry. None of the dishes were even listed by their proper names on the menu (e.g. al pastor). These are not authentic tacos and would rather have “inauthentic” tacos that taste good or authentic tacos. Overall, I would not return, but still want to try the other highly rated places in the town (La Marqueza is another one, but I didnt have time to try).

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