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Sushi restaurant with BIG shoes to fill

Sumi is the sister restaurant to Endo at the Rotunda, the highly acclaimed, tough to get a seat, one Michelin star restaurant in London. Sumi is not traditional, but has a great modern buzz that you will feel upon entry.

Here was the menu that evening:

We sat at the bar and the passion and attention to detail was evident from observing the bartenders.

We started with chopped yellowtail with shiso, sesame and soy, followed by various nigiri.

Everything was good as were the desserts matcha mille and sumi ice cream (I believe it was soy and caramel – VERY GOOD).

Overall, this is a great neighborhood spot that checks all the boxes:

  1. good sushi
  2. good desserts
  3. good cocktails
  4. good service
  5. good atmosphere

I would return if I was in the area.

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