19th Century Pie

Pie and Mash has been consumed since the 19th century in London. Apparently, the original used Eel as that was what thrived in the polluted Thames at the time; and eel is still on the menu at Goddard’s – the topic of this post. Goddard’s has been serving pie in Greenwich since 1890.

Upon entry, I could feel the history of the place. You order from the counter and then find a seat.

We ordered the chicken, beef and a sticky toffee.

Here’s my opinion:

  1. The beef pie with brown gravy looked amazing but was tasteless and bland.
  2. The chicken is THE WAY to go. It was covered in parsley gravy (also known as liquor) and was full of flavor and delicious.
  3. The dessert was ok but I wish I didnt see it being microwaved prior to serving!

All in all, the service was quick and efficient and no frills. If you decide to visit, its a bit of a way from Central London so I would only go if you have some other business in Greenwich (my next post will tell you some things to do in Greenwich), and then only get the chicken.

2 thoughts on “19th Century Pie”

  1. You must have read some reviews that the eel was not great. Knowing fft, especially if the cuisine is unique to a place, culture or geography, you would have ordered it and reviewed for us!

    1. You are right, I usually do order the original as I am fascinated by food history. Unfortunately in this case, I did not research the dish prior to going. I was under the impression that beef was the original. On another note, while I love anago and unagi, the thought of eel pie if not so appealing to me. I will try it though next time.

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