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Korean European With a Michelin Star

Sollip is a one Michelin starred restaurant London that does a European tasting menu with Korean touches. In theory, it should of been an amazing meal. Korean food is one of my favorites and European technique speaks for itself.

Here was the menu for the evening:

The amuse course was 50/50. The Persimmon was not thrilling.

The tartare with gochujang was good with great texture and very savory.

The sandwich was very beautiful, but was just ok also. The use of Korean seaweed was interesting and the texture was gooey from the cheese filling, but the flavor was not exciting.

In general, Korean flavors are bold and spicy and I wish the restaurant incorporated more of this into each dish. Many of the dishes were beautiful, but boring. The next two dishes were more of the same. Not too much excitement going on.

Before the meat dishes, bread and butter was served.

Next came the fish course with mussels.

…and then what was probably the best dish of the evening, the Wagyu (its pretty hard to mess up Wagyu)Be with Langoustine and rice.

Before dessert, a palate cleanser:

…and then a Mont Blanc (which I am not a big fan of in the first place):

…and madeleines to finish.

Overall, the service was pretty good, but the kitchen was a bit slow. While I appreciate the presentation, effort and HUGE potential (combining two great types of cooking), the execution was not thrilling. I would not return.

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