Must do in London?

Having tea time is probably on everyone’s list of “must do’s” in London. This time, I decided to try the Orchid Lounge at the Pan Pacific Hotel. The pastry chef, Cherish Finden, has created an Asian inspired menu which I was curious about, in addition to the more traditional offerings. Here is a look at the Asian and traditional menus:

One thing I was glad to have learned that day, much to my surprise, was that England produces sparkling wine! I had to try it, and it wasn’t bad at all.

The experience started off with a palate cleanser with goji berries.

The tea’s themselves were very good and I was able to try two that day though I did not make notes or record the names, I thought they were good (I do remember them coming from Fujian province in China as that is where my ancestors came from!). The first course was savory dim sum. They were very good and I ended up ordering seconds (on the other hand, my wife went with the traditional and I tasted a few of her sandwiches which I did not think were very good).

After this came an assortment of crackers, nuts etc, served from a red container which our server informed us was similar to what you would be served as a guest in the living room of a Chinese household.

This was followed by scones from my wifes selection.

…and lastly the pastries which were beautifully presented. I especially enjoyed the pandan firecracker.

Overall, service was fantastic and the surroundings were nice. The food and tea was good and I would recommend someone try it. I would not personally go back, but only because there are SO MANY tea time venues in London to try.

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