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London > Cambridge Day Trip

One easy day trip you can make from London is to Cambridge. The train from Kings Cross station to Cambridge takes about 1 hour.

From the station in Cambridge to the town center you will then walk about 20 minutes. One of our first stops was this bakery, about 5 minutes from the station, where we grabbed some pastries for a quick breakfast.

One thing I noticed was the abundance of various types of Asian restaurants throughout the town. This was a nice surprised as we had not had this type of cuisine for weeks. More on that later. Along the way to the town, you will pass by a beautiful church for photo op: The Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs.

Before we explored further, we stopped for lunch at Yori. A Korean restaurant that has a few locations in the UK. The banchan we ok but not plentiful like most Korean places.

We also had the bulgogi and kimchi jjigae. The Kimchi Jjigae was very well done, and delicious. Tons of flavor. The bulgogi was good too. The place got very busy while we were there so I would recommend you arrive before noon. After lunch it was time to head to the town center. We came across the market and then proceeded to King’s College which is part of Cambridge University.

Aerial view of the market
Cambridge is an extremely charming town

You need to buy tickets to enter the college. Its well worth it.

After, we wandered along the river and walked toward the Mathematical bridge (you can get a boat ride along the river in this area but we decided not too).

From here we went to the Great St Marys, University Church, where you can climb a spiral staircase (this experience alone is worth it) and get panoramic views over the city.

From here we stopped at Crosstown doughnuts. They had unique Southeast Asian like pandan.

Around 5PM we decided to head back on the train to London in time for dinner. Cambridge is a beautiful city. Easy to reach and explore from London all in one day.

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