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125 Years of Seafood

J Sheekey was recommended to me on numerous occasions and by people whose opinion about food I trust. However, it was difficult for me to tell exactly what kind of place this was from looking at the website, pictures and menu. I knew they were seafood, but the menu had things like yellowtail with ponzu and I did not want a fusion place. I also could not tell from the photos if it was a modern venue or more old school vibe. Pics online showed bright red signs and chairs which led me to believe it was modern, but I also knew it was 125 years old!

I finally decided to satisfy my curiosity and try it late one night after a movie. Its nice as we arrived at 10PM on a Tuesday, there were people still arriving and eating. The vibe is definitely old school in a good way. We started with oysters:

Usually, I prefer smaller oysters, but the ones in the UK tend to be larger. Larger oysters, from my experience, tend to have a stronger seafood flavor, but not in a good way. However, the ones here (and actually all the ones I had in the UK) are delicious. Fresh clean ocean flavors and meaty. Next, Devonshire crab:

…and finally, lobster thermidor:

We had the honeycomb ice cream for dessert (I love anything honeycomb) and a cocktail (which was also very good):

Overall, the service was good and the food was fresh and delicious. I would probably come back when in the mood for some seafood.

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