Hello Nori – Fast, Good, Nice Space

Hello Nori is a new handroll bar located on Robson street. Its the perfect place if you a craving a quick fix of fresh made “sushi” in a nice environment. The place is all counter seating. The plexiglass shields move to accommodate parties of different sizes.

You are given a menu to fill out, and the person behind the counter will start serving you your order one by one so as to preserve the crispness of the seaweed.

My first one was the toro. It was good but not as fatty as I would have liked. The rice and seaweed were good though the seaweed could use more seasoning. My benchmark for this type of food is Tekka Bar at the Cosmo in Vegas. I try to stop by for a quick bite every time I am there.

We also ordered some Sake which was served in an “overflow” cup.

The next roll was yellowtail which was good also.

Then came ora king salmon.

and then what I believe were the two best things there that day; starting with the crab…….

…and the truffle lobster….the truffle was not overpowering and had just the right amount. I would recommend you not use soy sauce on this one.

Lastly we had ungai.

Overall, service was good, the space is nice and the food was good. Its a great place to go to get a quick bite. They will be opening one in West Van too. I will definitely be back.

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