Raisu – Uni Omakase Heaven

Raisu is a Japanese Izakaya or Tapas type restaurant. They also own another good Vancouver Izakaya called Kingyo.

On the evening that is the subject of this post, we were there for the Uni Omakase.

This is an Uni lover’s dream. The only minor issues were the dishes were served a bit rushed with some dishes arriving before the previous was done, and some were served out of the menu order. For example, the first thing to arrive was the shooter, not the aperitif.

The uni was local BC Uni and I actually prefer this to Japanese or Santa Barbara uni. The second course was DIY uni sashimi.

Then the uni handroll with snow crab and scallops. This was delicious.

We added the Wagyu and uni nigiri option. It was drizzled with a bit of truffle oil. This too was very delicious.

Next was the uni custard, AKA chawanmushi.

For the main, we opted for both. The udon was delicious and was served in a massive bowl made by a local artist. The server told us they were $300 each. The bowls were so big, they could be a sink! The grilled lobster was a nice touch.

The uni and snow crab rice was served in a stone pot with miso soup.

For dessert, they served Yuzu gelato which was just ok, and green tea which was not very fragrant.

Overall, service was good. The portions of uni were very generous, as was the food in general. We could not finish everything and had to take it home. If you are a fan of uni, this is a must for you. It is available only until uni season is done, which is when it starts to get warm.

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