The BEST meal we had in Atlanta

The best meal we had in Atlanta was at Kimball House. To this day, I can still remember it. The scene and vibe is rustic.

Here was the menu that day.

They have a big selection of oysters and we selected a dozen from the eastcoast. My favorite were the ones from MA while the PEI ones were just ok. I should note that the shucking was perfect, without any grit, shells or sand! The vinaigrette did not overpower the taste either.

After that, we had the blue crab claws. My first time seeing something like this and they were delicious. I believe they are only available in the South and Eastcoast. The kumquat and jalapeno butter was such a unique but perfect flavor and pairing with this dish. Fantastic!

The next dish was also outstanding and bursting with flavor. The caviar and middlins. Middlins are a southern thing too. They are also called Carolina gold rice grits and we had them a few times in the South. They are basically small imperfect grains of rice that cannot be exported. Anyway, the dish had tons of garlic and umami.

Next, for main I had the pork chop. It was cooked well and very delicious. The carrot tasted like a carrot.

We finished with dessert.

Overall, service, food and atmosphere were good. This is one of those meals that I will remember for a long time. I highly recommend this place and would go back.

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