L.A. – Random Bites

Here are a couple of random, quick, and cheap places we ate at in LA:

Salt and Straw – Delicious ice cream. I went to the one on Santa Monica in West Hollywood and had the cold brew coffee. It was perfectly balanced between the taste of coffee, sweetness, and creaminess. I would definitely return.

The Window at American Beauty – This is a unique setting for a walk up window which is located within a restaurant called American Beauty in Venice. There is plenty of outdoor seating.

While the fries are good, the burgers themselves are just ok. Nothing like IRVs from the previous day. The patty lacked a good crust and was not as well seasoned as I would have liked. The fries were really good though.

Jeni’s – We went to the location in Venice and had the coffee for comparison to Salt and Straw, and other flavor which was non-dairy. Both were good but I prefer Salt and Straw by a lot.

GTA (Gjeline Take Away) – Good pizza. If I was in the neighborhood, I would return.

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