I had low expectations for this place…I was relieved

EP LP is a scene restaurant and rooftop bar in West Hollywood. Reviews were mixed, but I wanted to be in a party atmosphere for our last weekend night in LA. These types of places can become a disaster for dinner because they have a tendency to operate more as a nightclub rather than a restaurant. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the food and service.

Entry was quick and efficient. We started with caviar seaweed snacks, which were basically crispy nori topped with caviar. They were pretty good.

Next, chicories – spicy Caesar dressing, celery hearts and Pecorino. Fresh.

For the main we had the spicy twice cooked 1/2 chicken with spinach and gravy (more like jus).

The chicken was outstanding. Juicy and full of flavor. The jus was delicious. Overall, the service and food exceeded my expectations and it was a good meal. After, we headed upstairs to the rooftop bar for drinks. The bar was pretty busy and we enjoyed some great views of the Hollywood Hills and cocktails.

I would recommend this place for someone looking for a good night out with good food and a great rooftop bar.

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