Possibly the best burger I’ve ever had

Irv’s Burgers was founded in 1946, closed down for a while, and has now re-opened. It is located in West Hollywood. You order from a pick up window but there is indoor and outdoor seating.

I had the Irv’s single and fries. The burger was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was perfectly seasoned with an incredible crust. Everything worked so well together. The fries were crisp and seasoned well. I think they are using a Lawry’s type seasoning.

Everyday I was in LA I thought of going to Irv’s. Just incredible.

1 thought on “Possibly the best burger I’ve ever had”

  1. Irv’s looks amazing! Smashburger! more burger reviews, less caviar reviews! For Irv, I would drop the lettuce and all other “wet” vegetable stuff, add in fresh cut onion and ketchup. The reason you kept thinking about going back is because you forgot to get the Nutella milkshake; had you eaten a complete meal the first time, you would be able to move on. Another tip – buy two burgers, save the second one for the next day when you feel like you need to go back

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