The Omakase with mind-blowing perch

Q Sushi is a one Michelin star, omakase only restaurant in downtown LA. They have two seatings per night. The place is located across the street from a Brazilian restaurant which will valet your car if you need it. They will also point out where the restaurant is as it was a bit hard to spot. The interior was clean and Japanese minimalist.

At the sushi bar that night, there was us and another part of 4. We were separated by a plant so it felt like we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. Here was the meal:

It was nice to see the chef grounding fresh wasabi:

I liked that “popular” items like uni and blue fin tuna were served in pairs. You can never have enough! This is my first omakase experience where the chef has done this and shows that he cares about your dining pleasure and is “in tune” with what the guests want.

Thick slices of housemade ginger:

My favorite bit of the night was this perch nigiri, it was lightly torched.

The duo of blue fin:

The meal ended with the tamago. It would of been nice if they provided something sweet or miso soup or green tea at the end. Service was good and the chef was friendly when you engaged him. What was amazing to me is that the chef served this entire meal by himself and one other waitstaff. I would want to try the other highly regarded sushi spots in L.A. too, but would not hesitate to come back to Q and recommend it to others.

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