Bottega Louie – Meh Breakfast

This restaurant was on my list of places to visit when in LA though I don’t know why or when I put it on the list. I will usually put places on my “to try” list when I see something that interests me on social, TV, or in an article. In any case, this was the first of 2 mediocre meals this day unfortunately.

We visited the location in West Hollywood. We had a 9AM reservation on a Thursday but the place was 3/4 empty. TIP: if you don’t need table service, you can just brose the pastries on display, get one, and a coffee and sit. This is what we probably should of done as I don’t eat large breakfasts anyway.

Since we were seated for table service, I decided to try their breakfast sandwich.

The lettuce was fresh and the dressing was OK. The sandwich itself was nothing special. The menu said it would have basil aioli & chipotle mayo but there was barely any of either in the sandwich. I decided to take it apart and just eat it like a normal bacon and eggs on a plate. There was also a “crispy” hashbrown mentioned on the menu, but it was soggy. My wife got the monkey bread. The server could not explain it, so she went to the display case and decided it was appealing enough.

The taste was good (this was a savory one with cheese and ham), BUT it was cold and I doubt it was freshly baked. It was probably sitting in the case from the day before. We were both disappointed that the server did not offer to warm it when she ordered it. This is a lack of attention to detail. Lastly, the beverage, NITRO Cold Brew Draft, WAS very good.

It tasted good and had a thick consistency like a stout beer.

Overall, I would recommend you to grab coffee from this place if you are in the area. It would not warrant a trip. Service was meh and food was meh.

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