The Deal Breaker for Italian Restaurants

Osteria Mozza is a a Michelin starred restaurant in LA. Given the name of the restaurant, I wanted to start with something from the Mozzarella bar and Fett’unta, their famous bread. The dishes were ok, but I wasn’t blown away.

Same goes for the salad.

We also tried a couple of pastas. The Sweet Corn Cappellacci and a ragu. The ragu tasted good BUT the pasta was overcooked, or at least way past al dente. This is unforgiveable at an Italian restaurant at this level. The corn flavor was incredible. The way they extracted that much essence of corn was truly outstanding, BUT again, the pasta was overcooked.

For our main we shared the trout. No complaints with this one. The fish was cooked perfectly, the skin was crisp and the dish was well seasoned.


Overall service was good, and the food was generally good, but the pasta not being cooked well was disappointing. Maybe the restaurant is getting too comfortable with its reputation and success. Who knows, but if they can fix those issues, I would go back, but for now, I would try other highly rated places in LA first.

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