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The first two things I notice when I get off a plane are the temperature and smells. I always “know” when I’m in Paris. It has a certain smell. Maybe from diesel cars. I love it. The next thing I always do upon arrival is eat something local. In London, its usually fish & chips (F&C). On this occasion, I went to Hobson’s (Soho location). It was highly rated and was walking distance from the hotel.

TIP: A nice thing about this place is you can make reservations online

Here is a bit about their “story”:

We were promptly seated and the staff was friendly. Two things I find about F&C in England compared to North America:

  1. The pieces are massive. Almost like half a fish and meant to be eaten with utensils
  2. The chips are big and thick, not long and skinny

Because of the above, its a good idea to share if you aren’t that hungry. The fish was fresh and well battered. Very crispy. The chips were as well but I prefer long and skinny. Overall, service was good and the food was good. I would go back if I was in the area.

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