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Eating at the UK’s Oldest Indian Restaurant

Indian food has a prominent place in England. In fact, if you Google “national dish of England”, you may be surprised that it is not fish & chips, but Chicken Tikka Masala. I love Indian food in London. Although I have yet to visit India, the Indian food in London tastes better than anywhere else I have had it. From street to Michelin level, its all there for you.

Every time I visit London, I try to go to a new place I have not been. On a recent trip, this place was Veeraswamy. They have one Michelin star and claim to be the oldest Indian restaurant in the UK. Upon entering, we were greeted by a gentleman in a fancy outfit and then an elegant dining room with lots of beauty on display like colorful turbans.

Here are some pics from the menu which detail a bit more about the history, and the tasting menu we had.

The meal started with a delicious amuse full of flavor and set the tone for the evening:

Unfortunately, they ran out of Chicken Tikka for the first course and substituted it for paneer. This was disappointing.

For the main, we had a quartet of different curries with rice and naan.

Each was delicious. My favorites were the chicken and prawn. The welsh was ok and the pineapple was really interesting. I never had this before, and an Indian colleague of mine also never heard of it. It provided a nice acidity to the rest of the meal.

Finally, dessert:

Overall, service was good and the food was delicious. I also had the wine pairing which was very well done, especially the Bordeaux which was served with the main. It paired very well with the curries, and especially, the lamb. I would return.

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