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Another Satisfying Indian Meal in London

Fresh off highs provided by dinner the previous night, I wanted more Indian food the next day for lunch. I found Bombay Bustle close by. The food is inspired by the streets of Mumbai. The inside reminded me of an American diner/railcar.

We decided to go for the tasting menu. I dont usually eat big lunches, but…..

Snacks were brought out and they were delicious. This included 3 types of poppadams which are one of my favorite Indian snacks. Taking the time to make 3 different kinds shows a high level of attention to detail.

Next were some smalls plates – samosas and dosas. The samosas were presented in a unique way. Everything was delicious.

Next, an assortment of kebab from the tandoor with some dal and naan. The only thing I did not like here was the naan. It was whole wheat which threw off the flavor and texture. I don’t know enough about Indian food to know if the restaurant was trying to be healthy or if this is a traditional preparation also, but I like white naan and ordered some. (as an aside, I recently ordered some breakfast burritos at Mcdonald’s and was disappointed that they switched to whole wheat wraps; totally ruins the experience; if I have decided to have Mcdonald’s, then I want the full “less healthy” experience).

Anyway, what followed was a delicious assortment of curries. They were bursting with flavor and I was very satisfied.

The meal ended with some dessert and chai tea.

Overall, service was very good. They even brought us a complimentary second type of DAL. There was way too much food for 2, which was a good thing because I had the leftovers for breakfast the next day. I would definitely return to this place.

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  1. my mouth is watering. something about Indian food, not my favourite but I will never say no if the suggestion is presented. for some reason, Indian food can be polarizing when trying to find a group dinner, but I am definitely on the yea side of Indian food. maybe it is the richness of the food, so subconciously, I know I should not indulge everyday. challenge to fft to do 5 consecutive days of Indian cuisine in London!

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