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Most Memorable Tasting Menu in a While

Sometimes, too much of anything is not good. Even when its the best of something. To me, there is such thing as Michelin fatigue. Many straight days of hours long, and heavy meals can get tiring. That’s why I now limit the number of tasting menu type dinners on a trip. Recently, I found myself in London and wanting to try the Clove Club. It has 2 Michelin stars and is also on San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best list, coming in at number 27. I respect both lists. I’m glad I came. This was one of the best and most memorable tasting menus I’d had in a while.

Upon entry, there is a curing room. Always a good sign when a chef goes to this level of detail and passion.

The dining room was informal and had a fun atmosphere with an open kitchen.

I decided to go for the short tasting menu as I did not want to sit through a long drawn out meal as per my first paragraph. Now I realize, this was a mistake! (note: many places will offer a short tasting menu, but will still add amuses and other courses not listed which actually make them longer).

The meal started with a broth of parsley that was divine in taste, texture and temperature.

I should also note that the restaurant makes a very good take on the martini (the Clove Club martini; I had several!). They even handwrote the recipe for me at the end of the night! Anyway, back to the meal. Next they brought our a beautifully presented crab and elderflower mayo amuse. I would describe it as amazing.

Next, more amuse. Escargot and fried chicken. It was nice to see a more “playful” dish being served.

Although both were delicious, I would of like the snails to be more whole when biting into the ball so that I get the texture of snail. The fried chicken was good and moist but I would of liked more umami. The first course was the scallops. Everything on the plate worked and was very good.

This was followed by the trout where we added the caviar supplement. This dish was heavenly. The fish was perfectly cooked and the sauce had the perfect balance of acidity and smoothness. Each bite of fish, sauce and caviar was just perfect goodness.

The final dish was the pork. Also incredibly good. The amount of marbling was perfect.

A palate cleanser followed.

…and then they presented the dessert. Impressive.

Served with some ice cream.

…and some petite fours to finish.

Overall service and food were amazing. This was a nearly flawless meal in all respects. I can’t wait to go back as the menu changes.

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