Dinner for Dinner

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is a 2 Michelin Star restaurant located in London. It is also 65th on the World’s 50 Best list as of the time of this writing. The restaurant is known for researching old British dishes and producing modern interpretation of them. When they say old, they mean old. The menu has dates beside each dish and a reference to the source! Check it out, the oldest recipe on tonight’s menu was from 1390 from a cookbook for King Richard II!

One of the restaurants most iconic dishes is the meat fruit. Its basically chicken liver, foie gras and mandarin orange jelly. The dish is both delicious and visually beautiful. They should give more grilled bread though.

For my main I had the pork chop served with a side of spelt. It was delicious and the sauce and side were extremely savory.

For dessert we had another of the restaurant’s iconic items – tipsy cake. It is made with a spit roasted pineapple.

The meal ended with some petit fours.

Overall, the food and service were good. The service did not seem at the level of 2 Michelin stars. While the food was good, I am 50/50 if I would return as the experience the previous night was incredibly hard to top (Clove Club), and the competitive scene in London is high so I would be inclined to try other places before coming back here. However, I would suggest you go for the experience at least once, as it is unique in terms of its focus on food history.

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