Rezdora – Delicious Pasta Tasting and Doing Gnocco Fritto Right

Rezdora is a One Michelin Star restaurant in NYC. The focus is on the cuisine of Emilia Romagna, and more specifically, pasta. The chef also worked at Osteria Francescana. We started out with something I always order when I see it on a menu – gnocco fritto. They are basically pillows of bread paired with various cured meats. Check out the video on this post to see it paired with the incredible culatello at Trattoria al Tribunale in Parma, Italy. At Rezdora, it was paired with prosciutto, mortadella and pancetta.

The gnocco fritto was well executed – pillow soft with some texture. They also gave us an amuse:

…and then the pasta tasting, starting with tortellini en brodo.

…and finishing with dessert. Overall, the service was good and the food was fantastic. I would definitely go back for pasta and gnocco fritto.

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