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Osteria Francescana – What it was like to eat dinner at the best restaurant in the world

This restaurant needs no introduction, San Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants in the World – Ranked #1 in 2018, 3 Michelin Stars, etc etc.

I had tried to get a reservation the normal way.  By logging into the reservation system on the day they released seats.  Despite logging on early, I was #2,500 in the virtual line.  I believe there are only 60 seats at lunch and dinner.  Fortunately, American Express offered access and I jumped at the chance.

Here was the experience:


To start, there were a couple of amuses including the foie gras “popsicle”.


20190530_195439 (1)

The first dish was “Grilled hamachi in abstract”.  It was fresh, but I did not find it “mind blowing”.


Next was a spaghettini with Hokkaido uni sauce.


This was followed by Wagyu non Wagyu.  It is the chef’s take on wagyu beef, but produced with pork and finished with a yuzu type sauce.  I felt that the sauce over powered the dish.


The next dish was probably THE dish that I have been looking forward to trying for a long time; ever since I saw the dish on the Netflix. It did not disappoint. This dish is truly special. Five ages of Parmigiano Reggiano and five different textures. Mind blowing and so creative.


After the 5 Ages dish, the next dish is also iconic.  The Crunchy Part of the Lasagna.  Also delicious.


The next three dishes were hen in three preparations.  The first was a gyoza type dish.




Next were desserts.


With the last iconic dish, “Oops! I dropped the lemon tart”.


…and finally, some mignardises.



Overall, this was an incredible experience.  The day was spent with Chef Massimo at his new retreat where we had lunch, toured the facility, and listened to him talk about what inspired him to come up with certain dishes.  The dinner was also very good.  I did not enjoy some of the dishes with Asian influences as much.  I would of preferred only Italian.  Would I go back? Probably not, because A) it is almost impossible to get a reservation and b) it is an experience type meal.  Should everyone, if given the opportunity to go, go?  YES.  8.5/10


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  1. Wow, loved reading this. What a cool experience! Love the look of everything, down to the crockery. Would love to try the Parmigiano dish.

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