Trattoria al Tribunale – Culatello Heaven

Another day in Parma another Trattoria.  More pasta.  Usually, when travelling, after a while, I start to notice that different restaurants have the same variation of the same dishes.  It eventually becomes boring or repetitive.  That is one of the benefits of living in North America food wise, immigration has resulted in many cities having a very diverse and interesting food scene.

In some countries, I get bored of the cuisine – not so in Italy.  Despite eating similar things everyday, I did not tire of it.  I also thought that eating a carb heavy diet would make me feel tired.  It did not….

We sat outside at a very nice table along a wall, just outside of the main entrance which is in the picture below.  Just inside the door are ham products hanging from the ceiling when you first walk in.



We started off with culatello.  If you did not read my review on La Filoma, you should read it now as I describe this amazing meat.  This time, it was served with torta fritta.


Here is a video showing how you wrap the delicious meat in these golden pillows from the food gods.

For our pasta courses I had to try another dish the region is known for that I had not had yet – lasagna!  We also had another pasta dish I do not recall the details of.



Both were delicious.  For main we had osso buco.  This is a Milanese dish and was just OK.  I find that in Italy, each region has its own cuisine and when having another regions cuisine outside that region, it is not particularly outstanding.  Therefore, you should learn about what a region is known for, and stick to that.


Dessert was a tiramisu.


Overall, this was another great meal in a wonderful setting.  Service was good again, as with all places in the region.  8/10.

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