Puerto Sagua – No Frills Good Cuban Food

If you are looking for a quick bite of Cuban food in a no frills “diner” type restaurant, check out Puerto Sagua in South Beach.

The menu says they specialize in Paella and Seafood, but we were here for breakfast and had a Cuban sandwich and empanadas.

The sandwich was good. Not as good as the one we had at Sanguich, but still good if you are in South Beach and don’t want to go all the way to Little Havana. The empanadas are delicious. I ordered one, and then two more. I tried both the beef and chicken.

Of course, you have to get Cuban coffee with your food if you come for breakfast. Here is a quick guide:

Colada – a large Cuban espresso with a sugar foam. Usually, you will get a large cup and a few smaller cups to share the coffee with others.

Cortadito – Cuban espresso with steamed milk.

Cafe con leche – like a latte

Overall, the service is very good. The food was good. This is a good spot to grab a quick bite for breakfast, lunch or a quick snack in a no frills environment.

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