Sanguich De Miami – Its the bread and acidity

Sanguich De Miami specializes in Cuban sandwiches and is located in little Havana. The place is quite small so there may be a wait if you want to be seated inside. There is a takeout window and two tables outside also. The inside has beautiful tiled floors.

The menu is located inside on the wall:

To our dismay, they were sold out of the Cubano so we went with the lechon and beef. We also got a side of chicharron and some Cuban coffee.

The chicharron was delicious. The lechon sandwich was my favorite. The bread is wonderful and has the right flavor, texture and temperature. The ratio of bread to filling is great too. The richness of the pork is cut nicely with the pickled veg. The ingredients are high quality and made in house. Ask for the hot sauces and put some on each bite.

Overall, this is a great and delicious spot for lunch.

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