Kame – Challenger to Kabuto?

If you have been reading this blog (thank you) you will know that I love Kabuto in Las Vegas. For me, its the best omakase of any I have been to – in the world! On a recent trip to Vegas, a sales associate at a store I was talking about food with told me to try Kame as something better than Kabuto. There have been challengers before, like Yui, but Kabuto has always held on. Would Kame change this?

First, the price difference. Omakase at Kabuto, if I remember correctly from the last time I was there, is $80 where as at Kame, it ranges from $250-$350. The main differences are the ingredients and courses. Kame includes hot dishes and things like Wagyu.

Here was the menu.

I am going to present the meal then give my final thoughts.

Overall, the service was good and the chef’s have strong passion for what they are doing. Everything is well prepared and good. However, in the end, I prefer the simplicity, top quality ingredients, and focus on sushi of Kabuto. Given its price point under $100, its tough to beat. I am glad I tried Kame, and would suggest it as an experience for someone, but for sushi cravings, Kabuto is still tops for me.

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