Costa di Mare – Big Spectacle; Fresh Seafood Focus

While the Wynn is my favorite hotel in Las Vegas, it does not have the breadth of food options that somewhere like the Cosmo has. They don’t seem to bring in “celebrity” chefs or focus on street food like other hotels. As a result, I was interested in seeing what one of their signature restaurants was like. Would it be overpriced and lack substance? Lets find out.

I chose to try Costa Di Mare because of the focus on fresh seafood flown in daily and the setting. They also have Asian, sushi and steak restaurant options but I think that there are an abundance of top places of these cuisines to go to throughout Vegas.

Speaking of the setting, Costa di Mare is set on a “lake” with tables surrounding it. There is also inside lower and upper seating. After being given a less than ideal table, I asked to be moved, and they gave us an upstairs table with a nice view of the lake.

One of the first things our server did was present the fresh seafood of the day.

We started with langoustines. These intrigued me because as per the menu, they are the only restaurant in the west which imports them from Europe. They were good but for $32 a piece, I think most would consider this an experience.

We also ordered a couple of the huge shrimp that are common in Spain. The flavor was good, but again for the price, its more of an experience. In Spain, they will be bigger and better prepared, including giving you the head with a small spoon to eat the most flavorful part. I dont have a clear shot of the shrimp but you can see it behind the langoustine in this photo.

Next, we had the Ricci di Mare – hand rolled pasta, uni and crab. This was very delicious. I would of preferred the pasta a little more al dente but it was still delicious.

Lastly, we had our main course which was the turbot. It was presented and served tableside.

I don’t remember which sauce we chose to go with the fish. It also came with potatoes and veg. The fish was cooked well and was good.

Overall, the service was good. Not Michelin good, but good. I think that if you are looking for a special dinner, with lots of showmanship and a beautiful setting, this is a good option. Just make sure you ask for a “good table”. If you are looking at just from a pure food perspective, there are other options for seafood, pasta etc, that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

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