Partage – Good French Tasting Menu Option off the Strip

Partage is a “modern French dining experience” located in Chinatown in Las Vegas. The interior is modern, and has a local feel to it which is great if you are looking for something different from the large Strip restaurants.

There are three tasting menu options (the differences are mainly how many dishes you want) as well as a la carte. We went for the 5 courses for $85 which includes 2 apps, 1 fish, 1 meat and 1 dessert course.

I started with a cocktail which was smoked and well done; in fact I had two.

The meal started with an amuse of tomato.

The first app came to the table smoking but was well done and did not seem like trying too hard. The flavors were subtle.

The second app of lamb was more like a main which was appreciated.

The first main – fish.

Meat main – duck.


and petit fours to finish.

Overall the service was excellent. The food was good. In some of the dishes, I would of liked more bold flavors, but everything was well executed, cooked well, and well presented. Its a good option if you are looking for a European tasting menu off the Strip.

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