I Enjoyed This More Than Pujol

Last week I went back to Ubuntu for their Mexican tasting menu. The meal reaffirmed my thoughts based on my previous visits that this place is putting out a serious world class tasting menu. In fact, I enjoyed this meal more than my meal at Pujol – widely regarded as one of the best Mexican restaurants in Mexico, and hence, the world.

Here was the menu. We had the omnivore one, but they also have a vegetable one.

The tostada; beautiful with just the right amount of heat.


Quesadilla – this one was stuffed with squash. It was delicious. They imported the corn and dough from Oaxaca, widely known as a gastronomical center in Mexico.

The taco; Fantastic flavors from the charcoal and tortilla.

Pork loin; perfectly cooked and moist.

Finally for dessert, horchata ice cream. It was so good I tried to buy a tub of it but they only had enough for that night’s service.

Overall, service was fantastic as always. My only feedback would be it can be a bit slow at times between courses. To comply with restrictions, they have a nice covered outdoor set up in the back with a cast iron oven to provide warmth. The sounds and smells from the oven create a pleasant, rustic atmosphere. You should definitely check it out. For the price they are charging, you are getting an incredible meal.

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