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Cote Miami – BIG Disappointment

Cote Miami was one of the places I was looking forward to eating at most. The NYC one is fantastic. Unfortunately, the one in Miami is not well run unlike other NYC Transplants (such as Carbone Miami – which is excellent). Lets start with the seating. Upon arrival, we were told that the restaurant was running behind schedule and were asked to wait at the bar. We were seated 45 minutes after our reservation time. The place itself is nice, and full of energy.

We ordered a nice bottle of wine and the steak omakase.

We started with some oysters with the caviar option and “steak and eggs” which is basically tartare and caviar. This is where things got worse. After the wine arrived, the service became incredibly slow. So, we were starving, sat down 45 minutes after our reservation time, and then waited what seemed like an eternity for any food to arrive.

At this point, I complained to the manager, and then things started to improve, but it basically ruined the entire meal.

Because of the disaster in service, I don’t really recall much of the meal. I do remember thinking that it was not anywhere close to the level of NYC. There is a lack of Korean BBQ restaurants in Miami. I did research and could not find any that seemed authentic or worth trying. If you know of any, please comment down below.

Regarding Cote Miami – I think for the price being charged, the service, and the quality, its not worth returning. The manager did take some items off our bill, but thats not what I am looking for. Time wasted can never be returned or made up.

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