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Kyu – Fell Short of Expectations

The concept sounded incredible: “wood-fired Asian inspired restaurant”. The menu had a lot of tempting items like bone marrow. Unfortunately, the actual experience fell short of expectations. We started with the chilled king crab with creamy-spicy lime. It was ok but nothing memorable.

Next, something the chef is known for, the roasted cauliflower.

Florida snapper.

…and finally, the smoked bone marrow.

None of the dishes left a lasting impression. I think there are better places to go for this type of cuisine. I think part of the reason I was not impressed is that coming from the Westcoast, there are some of the best Asian restaurants outside Asia, both traditional and modern so that is the standard I apply. Again, lots of potential with this type of restaurant, but the execution was not there. Service was a bit slow.

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