Five Sails – Everything but…..

This used to be one of the restaurants in the city I would recommend to someone looking for a nice view, good food and an intimate setting (the first two being rare to find together in any city). The couple who ran it were from Austria. Then I heard they were closing down. I thought forever. Turns out, there are new owners and a new chef with experience at Michelin starred places. I was excited to try. A glance at the menu revealed that they kept the European influence…..and very high prices.

Upon arrival, the dining room had not changed much. Still a beautiful view of the water and North Shore. Service was friendly. A lady from France and a gentleman from Switzerland added to the European flair.

I will present pictures of the food and then my thoughts.

Ceviche and Soup (forgot what kind)
Truffle and Cheese Souffle
Duck (from France)
Mille Feuille
Petite Fours

As mentioned above the service was very good and the view were fantastic as always. What about the food? Lets just say, we had an enjoyable evening due to the company, wine, service, views, and space. Due to COVID, I won’t comment on the food, so I will let you look at the pics, and decide for yourself (but if you want some guidance, look at the title of this post).

2 thoughts on “Five Sails – Everything but…..”

  1. I don’t understand what you disliked. The food looks fantastic and the description sounds like it would be good as well… please elaborate.

    1. Hi Tracy, I felt that the plating could be more refined. Also, the execution could be improved. For example, if you look at the Madeleine, its not properly formed. Texture and taste were off. I also did not understand the concept of providing it with this dish and many of the other accompaniments. At this price point, the food was not mind blowing, which it should be. I am benchmarking this against other similar price point meals and similar restaurants and feel that this has room for improvement.

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