Acquafarina – (updated) New Italian Tasting Menu Restaurant

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UPDATE 2/1/21 – I returned to Acquafarina again on 1/29/21 and they had a different menu as per below. This experience was vastly different then the first. I felt that many items on the menu were not as well executed as the first time, even though the price had gone up slightly. The risotto ball was ok, but the octopus, scallops, and gnocchi were disappointing. Plating was not as nice as the first time either. Maybe the kitchen was having an off day. Atmosphere and service were still good. Others dining with me expressed the same opinion. I would be 50/50 now on returning.

Acquafarina is a recently opened restaurant in Downtown Vancouver. They offer a weekly tasting menu. The restaurant does not allow pictures, but here was the menu when I had dinner there.

The chef is from Sicily and the attention to detail is impressive. While waiting for our table, we had a drink at the bar and the bartender proudly showed me the oranges they were importing from Sicily.

A lot of thought has also gone into the space. After dinner, we were provided with a tour of the space which used to be a bank. The vault has been transformed into a wine cellar and is beautiful, complete with a second floor balcony looking into the cellar.

Overall, service was very good and I would return. If there was anything that could be improved, it would be the size of the dessert. Usually, I do not comment on portions unless they are too big. This is a rare case where I think a bit more dessert would balance out the meal more. Either a second dessert course, a larger portion of the existing dessert, or petite fours at the end. Great food, great atmosphere, great space, great service.

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