Alley BBQ – Some Deliciousness but at a Cost

Alley BBQ is a Japanese style BBQ restaurant in Richmond, BC. If you have been to Korean BBQ, its similar, you grill yourself at your table. Its lots of fun.

They provide a complimentary seaweed salad to start, which was very tasty. We began with the rib eye, short rib and pork jowl.

The pork and short rib were very well seasoned and delicious. The rib eye lacked seasoning though was a very good cut of meat. The restaurant provides 3 seasonings – one soy like, salt (not enough of it) and a lemon juice. None of them were particularly memorable.

We also ordered some of their uni and beef creations including uni with wagyu oil (delicious), uni in “beef roll” not so memorable, and an uni/hokkaido scallop combo (not pictured) where I felt the scallop was not that fresh.

We also ordered one of the platters including Japanese A5 Wagyu, New York Strip and more Rib Eye. One thing to note is that the meat comes uncut, and they will give you scissors to cut up the meat (easier prior to grilling). Also, the grill was a bit uneven in heat.

Overall, service was good, and it is definitely a fun time. You can opt to have them grill some of the meats for you at another table if you like. In the end, I thought that the meal was expensive compared to the overall experience. A better choice, would be Gyu Kaku. Lower prices, better sauces and better tasting cuts of meat. I am still undecided if I would return but would lean towards not.

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