Tutto – Good addition to Vancouver’s Italian Dining Scene

Tutto is a new Italian restaurant in Vancouver which, according to their website, “embrace(s) tradition and modernity”. I think that is a pretty accurate statement for the place. The atmosphere is upbeat and modern, the crowd is nice. The atmosphere reminds me of a slightly less dressy version of Elisa.

We started with some local Kushi oysters:

…and then a Margherita pizza. The pizza was good and the ingredients spots on, but I wish the bread had a bit more “chew” to it.

The pizza was followed by 3 pastas:

Carbonara – this is tasty, but I prefer the traditional version. This one added artichokes.

Casarecce con Salsiccia – pork & fennel sausage ragout, cream, veal jus, parmesan. This one was very good.

As was the Bucatini all’Amatriciana – pomodoro, smoked guanciale, onion confit, pecorino, chilies.

I think that the pastas could be a bit more al dente. For the mains, we had mashed potatoes, broccolini, ribeye (with smoked bone marrow sauce and crispy gnocchi), and the branzino.

The branzino was absolutely delicious. The salsa verde worked very nicely with the perfectly cooked fish with crispy skin and moist meat. The ribeye was delicious as well though not steakhouse perfect. The crispy gnocchi was so good.

Overall, this was a fantastic meal and will probably become my go to place for Italian downtown. The service was very good, the atmosphere is great for a night out (or to entertain guests or clients), and the food was good. We ordered a bottle of wine that was from the Emilia Romagna region that became surprisingly complex as the night went on, for a reasonable price. The wine list could be a bit more extensive though.

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