Ophelia – Modern Mexican

I would describe Ophelia as a modern Mexican restaurant. The food was ok. They put a modern twist on things that I would say lands somewhere in between deliciously street like Tacos El Gordo in Vegas, and Michelin Quality like Pujol in Mexico City. I would prefer either to the middle. It is a nice place to go for drinks and have a night out. It reminds me of a junior version of Toca Madera in Scottsdale.

One thing delicious is the drinks. The Mezcals recommended to me were smooth, well balanced, and smoky how I like them.

I also had a couple Aztec Old Fashioned which were very good. The meal starts with some complimentary tostadas and 3 sauces with varying degrees of heat.

We had Tuna Tostada to start. The tuna was fresh and it was a pretty good dish.

Followed by 3 tacos which were just ok.

…and a good portion of bone marrow…

For main, we had octopus which was also ok.

The dessert was very delicious. The churros were perfectly crunchy, coated, with a warm soft interior.

Overall, service was good and the atmosphere fun, but for whatever reason, extremely loud. You can hear voices shouting from across the room. As mentioned, food was ok. I might go back, but it would not be top of mind.

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