Oca Pastificio – Delicious Pasta but Don’t Get the Pasta Tasting

Oca Pastificio is a small restaurant on Commercial Drive. They specialize in house made pasta that changes often. We decided on the pasta tasting. The meal started with some cured meats and house pickled veggies.

This was just ok. If I am doing a tasting, I want house cured meat as well, or would of preferred a different dish to start the meal. The next dish was a Gorgonzola Salad. This was ok as well.

The first pasta course was filled with squash and the sauce was butter sage. The pasta was cooked perfect. Very delicious and delicate.

The second pasta was even more delicious. A duck ragu with tons of umami.

The last pasta dish was a gnocchi with a “white pork” sauce. It was good but I like my gnocchi to have a bit of a sear on it so it is not so mushy.

For dessert, a semifreddo that was very good.

Overall, service was ok. The atmosphere is that of a small local place and loud. You can see the kitchen hand making and rolling pasta which is great. If you go, skip the pasta tasting and just order a few pasta dishes and share. I compared the cost of the tasting menu ($60 pp) with what it would of cost if we ordered everything separately and the tasting is not worth the $. If you ordered 3 pastas, a starter, and dessert, you will pay less and have a great experience. I would definitely return and order a la carte. They don’t do anything special for the tasting, and from what I could see, each table that ordered tasting got inconsistent dishes. You should definitely go for the pasta.

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